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Xtreme Lashes Eye Makup Remover and Facial Cleanser

$34.00 (120 ml)

$14.00 (15 ml)

Soothing Aloe Vera Juice based formula gently cleanses and moisturizes skin while conditioning lashes and brows. Coconut-derived cleansing agent removes impurities and makeup while anti-oxidant and vitamin-rich botanical extracts including rosehip, chamomile, eyebright and cucumber calm, refresh and nourish and protect for a daily treatment. Over 90% natural with no artificial colors, fragrances, dyes or mineral oil. Sulfate-free- won't irratate or strip your skin of natural oils. Formulated to be used on eyelash extensions and natural lashes. Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Award Winning Glideliner Long Lasting Eye Pencil


Inspired by the desire to simplify the modern women's beauty routine, Glideliner combines the benefits of the liquid liner, with the application ease of a tradional pencil, while maintaining compatibility with Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions. The innovative sharpenable gel structure glides gently and easily, allowing you to achieve a precise, defined line or a smoky-smudgy look. The silky-smooth, rich color sets quickly and stays put all day long! Vitamin E enriched as well. Our best seller!

Xtreme Protective Coating


Extend the life of your lash extensions! Unique formula coats and seals the attachment area between the extension and natural lash, creating a protective barrier against oil, perspiration, dust and debris. Style, shape and hold curl while adding a subtle sheen - like hairspray for your lashes!

Xtreme Length and Volume Mascara


It's time to turn up the volume and length! Each stroke of the precision, lash-separating brush delivers rich color, high gloss and extreme volume and length. A nourishing formula, enriched with Allatoin mushroom extract, Royal Jelly extract, extracts of Green tea, Calendula,Parsley, Angelica, and Cornus(Dogwood fruit) add shine and protection. Long-lasting and water resistant for an all-day allure.

Lint- Free Xtreme Applicators (100 count)


These non-abrasive, large surface wands are easy to manipulate and leave no filaments behind. The unique material on the tip holds fluids in a non-drip suspension stead of absorbing them, yet quickly and gently releases the fluids onto the target surface (lashes,eyelid, etc.)

Hyfrating Under Eye Gel Patches (6 pairs)


Refresh and rejuvenate instantly with Xtreme Lashes Hydrating Under Eye Gel patches for younger, more revitalized-looking eyes. Hyaluronic Acid intensly hydrates to plump the skin, diminishing the signs of wrinkles and crows feet, enhancing the apppearance of youthful eyes. Allatoin, Aloe and Ginseng sooths, while anti-oxident properties of Green Tea and Vitamin E boost your skin's radiance. Enjoy softer, smoother and firmer skin.

Glideliner Sharpener


Get the precise line for your own art on your eye.

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp


Throughout my studio you will notice soft glows of cleansing lamps. Himalayan Salt lamps are naturally beautiful, especially glowing in low light. Known as "Vitamins for the air" the salt crystals are said to to clean and naturally ionized air.

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